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Explore the Bill of Rights at KFL

If you’ve ever attended a public demonstration, read a newspaper, served on a jury, or taken part in any other number of civic activities, you can thank the Bill of Rights.

The first 10 amendments of the U.S. Constitution celebrated their 225th anniversary in 2016. To mark the occasion, the National Archives launched “Amending America,” a celebration of the Bill of Rights and constitutional amendments that includes “The Bill of Rights and You,” a traveling pop-up exhibit that you can see at KFL through January.


The Bill of Rights and other constitutional amendments have fundamentally shaped America’s history. According to the National Archives, more than 11,000 amendments have been proposed since the Constitution was written in 1787. Most have failed to be enacted, but the 27 amendments that have been ratified have guaranteed free speech and voting rights, ended slavery, and more. Continue reading