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Got eBooks?

Need more digital titles?  The Connecticut State Library has a list of free downloadable titles here.


Assessing Health Information Online

Health information online is not always reliable.  Learn how to identify trusted sources at

16 minutes with this reputable source can help!

Today’s hashtag to watch:


Today’s free internet fun:

A Romance Novel, starring yourself.

Although this literary contest is only open to residents of the UK…

attempting to answer the questions is entertaining regardless.

The 2010 Black List…

has been released.

(Not in the know? It’s a compilation of “Hollywood’s most liked unproduced screenplays” of the year, based on the opinions of over 300 Hollywood executives.)

In celebration of Jane Austen’s birthday…

…Sourcebooks has made a whole pile of ebooks available for free today, and ONLY today. So if you want them, get busy downloading!

Details at Austenprose.