Young Adult (at Heart) Book Group – for Adults!

In the 1700s when novels were a new invention embraced mostly by the young, parents were horrified. Their children were going to be corrupted. These novels would bring about a new sort of world, lacking any sense of morality. Unfortunately, criticism of young adult literature has not altered much in the last 300 years. YA still tops the most frequently banned books lists. What the critics are missing, though, is that today’s young adult literature is really good.The YA industry is currently producing some of our best literature. It’s creative, it’s often more concise than adult literature, and despite complaints that it presents only a dystopian and violent view of the world, it includes some of the most realistic and sympathetic characters in modern fiction. YA authors comprise a vibrant online community and are very much in touch with their readers and their industry.

The book for the February meeting is The Fault in Our Stars by John Green. Copies of the book are available to borrow at the adult circulation desk. If you prefer an audio edition, let us know – we can order one for you. For more information, give us call at (207)985-2173, or email us.If you love teen literature even though your age can be calculated in multiples of teen, you are not alone. KFL wants to bring lovers of YA literature – of all ages – together. We are pleased to introduce our new Young Adult at Heart Book Group. The next meeting will be on Wed., Feb. 19 at 6:30. Future meetings will be on the third Wednesday of the month.


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