School Vacation Week @ KFL

Yoga ChildWe’ve got a full schedule of events next week!  Space is limited in most of these, so please pre-register with the Children’s Room at 985-2173 x-5 or by clicking here.

Yoga Storytime
Tues. April 17
11:00 am
Grades 1-3
Pre-register here.

Flower Fairy Craft … and Gnomes Too!
Tues. April 17
2:00 pm
Grades 2-5
Pre-register here.

Make Your Own Greenhouse
Wed. April 18
2:00 pm
Grades 4 & up
Pre-register here.

Chewonki: Zero Waste World
Thurs. April 19
3:00 pm
Grades 2 to adult
We’re presenting this workshop in conjunction with the Energy Efficiency Committee of Kennebunk.  From product design to disposal, we will explore 6 ways we can get closer to a zero waste world.  Using slides, hands-on activities and eye opening demonstrations, we will discuss how small changes can make a big impact for us and for our planet.  Adults desiring to attend will need to pre-register.
Pre-register here.

Teen Gaming
Fri. April 20
3:00 pm
Grades 6-12
No pre-registration needed! Stop by and bring your friends!


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