School Vacation Week @ KFL

We all need a break from routine sometimes, and the week of Feb. 21-25 will provide it!  Join us for special kids’ programs all that week.  We’ll also host our regular storytimes for the wee ones.  Click here to pre-register for Yoga Buddies or Food Fear Factor.  As always, you can check our website for our schedule!

Tues. Feb. 21
2:00 pmYoga Child
Yoga Buddies
Ages 3-5 plus an adult
Pre-register here

Wed. Feb. 22wii Sports
2:00-4:00 pm
wii Sports
Grades 3-5

Thurs. Feb. 23chili peppers
3:00 pm
Food Fear Factor
Grades 6-12
Iron-stomached contestants must pre-register here.  All are welcomed to watch!

Fri. Feb. 24
3:00-4:45 pm
Teen Gaming


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