Invention of Hugo Cabret

Invention of Hugo Cabret book coverGet ready for the movie “Hugo” by reading the Invention of Hugo Cabret first!  This inventive story recreates the effects of a silent film with pencil illustrations that draw the eye to minute details and changes in perspective.  Nearly 300 pages of pencil drawings alternate with text to tell the story of Hugo, an orphan living in the walls of a 1931 Paris train station, and maintaining all of the clocks with perfect precision.  His survival depends upon being invisible…  but he is caught stealing parts for a mechanical man, a project left over from his deceased father…

View the opening sequences of the book here.

Kids in grades 4 and up are invited to a special event based upon this award winning title on Tues., Nov. 8 at 4:00 pm.  We’ll get to see the the automaton in action that was the inspiration for the book, and create a scaled-down version of our own.  Tinkerers and artists are going to love this one! We’ve got extra copies of the book for participants to borrow.  Pre-register with the Children’s Room at 985-2173 x-5 or email us.


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