Time for Faerie Houses!

2010 gourd faerie house

2010 Gourd Faerie House

It’s that time of year again!  The crocuses are blooming and the faeries are waking up!  Time to get ready for the Faerie Festival!

Children are invited to build faerie and gnome houses for display in the Library Children’s Room.  Use fallen branches, pine cones, acorns, shells and abandoned feathers for building materials.  Make sure to gather only downed materials so as to not disturb new growth.

We will begin accepting houses on April 19.  To be included in judging, homes will need to be here by May 3.

Houses should be constructed of all natural materials, as faeries and gnomes are allergic to plastic!  Please limit sizes to a base no larger than 14” x 14,” and a height no taller than 30 inches.  Try string, thread or raffia to connect pieces.  Last year, some children created their own glue using flour.  If you need building materials, stop by the Children’s Room.  Members of the Seacoast Garden Club will offer a selection of pine cones, bark and sea shells for children to use in construction of Faerie Homes

Faerie Houses will be on display until May 14.  Stop by and see how creative the children are!


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