New to the Children’s Room!

White Crane by Sandy Fussell.  book cover of White Crane

The five children that belong to the Cockroach Ryu (Samurai school) are each disabled in some way.  One is missing an arm, another a leg, one is blind, one has extra fingers and toes, and another refuses to fight.  Their Sensei emphasizes the Bushido way, chi, jin, yu or wisdom, benevolence and courage.  On the way to the Samurai Trainee Games, the five focus on teamwork, learn that bullies can become friends and honor loyalty.  In this manner, they learn that the Bushido way can overcome the force of the Dragon.  Taoist philosophy is made easy for children to comprehend, without being labeled as such.  Anyone who roots for the underdog will enjoy this tale.

Click on the image for more information.  As always, you can reserve this or any other title via our catalog.


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