In memoriam, Eva Ibbotson

Children’s author Eva Ibbotson died Wed. at age 85.

The Guardian has an obituary.

Our own Ms. Susan has this to say:

“Kidnapping children is not a good idea.  All the same, sometimes it has to be done.”  Caught off-guard by the irreverance of this opening line to Eva Ibbotson’s famous children’s novel Island of the Aunts, I found myself howling with laughter.  I mean, just the thought of it!  So began my introduction to and infatuation with this well-known children’s author who passed away Wednesday at the age of 85.  My delight with Island of the Aunts led me to another of Ibbotson’s fantasy books called Beasts of Clawstone Castle, then two other novels with more historical content, Journey to the River Sea and Star of Kazan, both equally satisfying reads,rich in plot and character development.  There is something to be said for an author who understands the mind of a child as well as Ibbotson does,and one who values the importance of a happy ending to complete the circle of a good story.  Though I am saddened that the body of Ibbotson’s work will no longer be growing, there is a delicious anticipation knowing I have several more of Eva  Ibbotson’s books yet to read, sure in the knowledge that I will be reading one of “the greats”.


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