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The Reference Room Cafe Opens Wednesday!

Come in and enjoy a cup of coffee, a sandwich or a cookie! The Reference Room Cafe by Silver Tureen opens Wednesday, June 17th at 12:30 PM. Come in and see what it is all about. Don’t forget the Grand Opening on Saturday, June 20th 10 AM – 1 PM. Music by Monica Grabin, free cookies and a dedication ceremony at 11:30 AM. See you there!


We’ll let you know if…

…the KFL decides to institute this practice.

Books on trial.

Celebrate Bloomsday!

Even if you can’t wander around Dublin retracing the journey described in James Joyce’s Ulysses

…and even if you can’t get away from work to swing by the library and pick up the book*…

…you can explore the visual version of it at Ulysses “Seen”.

(via Galleycat)


*Which is checked in at the moment — call 985.2173 to put it on hold!

Biggest prize-winner since 1995?

See The Millions for the answer.

Time Traveller’s Wife finally makes it to the big screen.

Until mid-August, only in the form of a trailer, but still!

Book club @ The Onion.

Well technically, it’s at The A.V. Club

And it’s well worth following.